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Payment for Services:

Glacier Community Health Center (GCHC) accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and all private medical insurance plus private pay patients. All patients are required to pay a $20.00 nominal fee at the time of service unless your Medicare, Medicaid, or private medical insurance co pay is less.

Discount for Prescription Drugs:

340B Drug Discount Program

Patients of Glacier Community Health Center (GCHC) that do not have insurance to cover the purchase of prescription drugs may take advantage of a special drug purchase program offered by the clinic. GCHC has contracted with local pharmacies to dispense a GCHC inventory of pharmaceuticals commonly prescribed by our medical and nursing providers. Discounts on these drugs can be significant depending on the drug prescribed.

We contract with both Osco Drug in Albertsons as well as Glacier Pharmacy located in Big Sky Foods. If your prescriptions feel unaffordable, ask if the drug can be run through 340B. 

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