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Vouchers for laboratory, radiology, and specialist care are available to patients who are enrolled in the GCHC sliding fee discount program. These vouchers entitle patients to a reduced cost of appropriate laboratory tests or x-rays, respectively, and/or a letter to a specialist worth $100. 

Vouchers for laboratory work, x-rays, or specialists will not be paid for sliding fee discount patients who have other methods to pay for these ancillary services (i.e. medical insurance, workers compensation, Indian Health Service, Veterans Administration, etc.), unless warranted by the Medical Director and/or CEO (usually under emergency situations).

These vouchers offer a sizable discount, but are not free.  There will be at least a $20 copay per voucher.  For specialist referrals, the balance of the work done over $100 is the responsibility of the patient unless special permission is granted by the CEO. 

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