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Angie Haas, CEO/CFO/HR
Angie Haas is a Cut Bank native.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Carroll College, in Helena, MT where she also spent a couple years working in public accounting.  Angie returned to Cut Bank where she was the Chief Financial Officer of GCHC from January 2011 to November 2018 when she became GCHC's CEO/CFO/HR.


Betsy Seglem, COO 
Betsy Seglem takes care of compliance, quality improvement, risk management, grants management, and other projects in between. She has been with GCHC since its beginning in 2004. Betsy also enjoys exploring ghost towns in the mountains of Montana and surrounding states.


Kim Winchell, Outreach and Enrollment Coordinator

Kim Winchell has been GCHC’s outreach and enrollment coordinator since October 2014.  She came from the Flathead where she worked in Public Health.  Kim provides in-person assistance for enrolling into an Affordable Care Act insurance plan or Montana Help Plan (Expanded Medicaid), answering questions, and helping to navigate your way around the new health care law in general.  Kim also oversees our community outreach programs.  She and her family moved to Cut Bank in January 2013.


Jen Fenger, Comptroller

Jen Fenger was born and raised in Montana. She graduated with an Associates of Applied Science in Small Business Management in 2007 and moved to Cut Bank that same year.  In May 2014, Jen joined the GCHC team.  After seven years of experience in medical billing and fourteen months of experience in medical coding, Jen received her AAPC Certified Professional Coder certificate in September 2015. In 2019 she added the duties of comptroller to her repertoire. 


Destiny Carlton, QI Compliance/Human Engagement Coordinator 

Destiny Carlton is an avid traveler and adventure seeker who has found her forever home in the great state of Montana. Her role for GCHC is human resources, compliance and reporting, patient engagement, payroll, professionally handling grievances, PCMH, website design and maintenance, community resource guide design and maintenance, and assisting the admin team. She also designed and painted a mural behind GCHC. In her spare time she hunts, fishes, camps, hikes, and is author to a few books. 

Glacier Community Health Center Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of volunteers; please email us at if you have any comments or concerns or if you would like to join us!

Roger Vermulm (Chair)

Judy Vermulm (Vice Chair)

Gary Coen (Treasurer)

Nancy Light (Secretary)

Fred Greco

Janet Erickson

Tim Kipp

Bill Manley

Lisa Cline

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